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released March 3, 2012

Written by Stef Roselli, Nick Belford, Matt Cook and Chris Freeman.
Recorded by Matt Cook and Mark Perry @ Sun Distortion Studios, Brisbane.
Mixed and Mastered by Matt Cook.

This EP is made freely available for the purposes of creation and collaboration, and is intended for those with an open mind. If you wish to use all or part of it for personal or public projects please send an email to fvckmountain@gmail.com.



all rights reserved


FVCK MOUNTAIN Brisbane, Australia

Hardcore punk five piece from Brisbane, AUS.

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Track Name: Second Chances
Stamp your feet and beat your chest
You scream in my face
Your breath reeks of hypocrisy
And all for what?
Have you been left behind?
Have the welfare checks stopped coming?

You've been given every chance to succeed
And I will have no sympathy when you fail
You don't deserve any second chances

You flock to the streets at night
Painting trains and starting fights
This world has no place for thieves dressed as martyrs
The 'helpless souls' who drive the knives into our backs
Your second chance is quickly fading
Keep digging your grave, one day soon you'll disappear

And you wonder why you've been 'left behind'
Keep digging lads, keep digging
Track Name: The Victim State
You paint yourself as the victim state
Immune and morally infallible
I hope that your ancestors are rolling in their graves
Cold, dead and misrepresented
You are a constant source of disappointment

You say you search for justice,
but how can you see past the bodies piled on your doorstep?

You're a champion of moral regression,
and you, cant justify that you are owed a thing
A liar feigning agony
An insult to their memory

Yet you speak of reparations,
whilst you perpetuate a war
Your missiles keep on firing while,
the grieving souls wont receive a thing

You are not the chosen
You are not the victim
You are an insult to their memory
Track Name: Disconnect
What I wouldn’t give to disconnect
Detach myself from this jaded life of self congratulation
What I wouldn't give to live a life more simple
to close my eyes and disconnect

Why do I find it hard to trust anyone, or anything at all?
Why is it so difficult?

What I wouldn’t give to not be cynical
to live in a perfect world where
Trust is given and disrespect is earned
But sadly its not that simple.

As the years go by you’ve seen the life slowly drain from these eyes
The weight of the world has turned a youthful smile into a cold dead stare.

And it will only get worse with every passing year
I will never change the world so why should I care
Track Name: The Traveller
I have found my lot in life
remaining forever tied,
forever tethered to these souls

the ones who disarm me of my malice
and take me to a finer place
The ones without whom,
every passing day would seem a waste of time

And even though one day I'll leave this place and see the world

I wont do it without you
I wont leave here without you
Mark my words...

As life goes on
and we go our separate ways
I will forever reminisce on the days that went by way too quickly
and even if our paths never cross again, please know this my friend;
sincerely, thank you
it has been an honour

Some friendly advice my fellow travellers,
before you venture on;
Take stock of your self
who you live for and who you’d die for
if the answer isn’t obvious, think long and hard
Think long and hard my friend
Track Name: Dead Weight
These brittle bones
They break as we stumble,
through our lives
Devoid of passion
We are empty, we have nothing left to give
Emotionally worthless, morally bereft

The weight of misery pressing down
Squeezing the last ounce of passion away
This life is a dead weight
And its pulling you down with it

We are empty, we have nothing left to give
Emotionally worthless and morally bereft
Exhausted, we have nothing left to give
Our detachment is an illness
A nauseating pain

But I will fight this feeling,
Until my last breath, screaming
Lungs burning, defiant

You can't take this away from me
You wont take this away from me
Track Name: Gifts
Has a life of privilege let us down?
The tables always set,
content just to get by

These are difficult questions to answer
Is life too easy?
Have we gotten off too lightly?

The worlds problems seem so far away
Our battles fought by strangers
We’ve not starved, we've not felt pain
We've never fought for freedom
Have we even lived at all?

We are callous
We are a drain on the world
We are an empty vessel
Sinking in a sea of indifference

I am callous
I am a drain on the world
And I detest myself
For sinking with you

Everything we know has been given to us
Everything that we know is a gift