Dead Dogs


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released October 2, 2014

Dead Dogs 2014

Drums recorded by Matt Cook with assistance from Sam Saljooghi.
Vocals recorded by Mark Perry @ Empire Studios.
All other recording by Matt Cook.
Mixed by Matt Cook
Mastered by Brad Boatright @ Audiosiege.



all rights reserved


FVCK MOUNTAIN Brisbane, Australia

Hardcore punk five piece from Brisbane, AUS.

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Track Name: Repatriate
The cycle starts anew
A fresh invasion, the latest wave
Let's get The Boys back together again

White Australia's made a comeback
We've got an election to win
Never undersell the power of common fear

Stoic, defending every mile of parched earth
Inch-by-inch we push them back
Make them wish they never left

It's a simple trade:
Ease of mind for unquestioned faith
Resolute, repatriate
Human life comes after state

Offshore, a nameless man waits branded, despondent
Accusation hangs heavier than head
His name and pigment sets apart
Chastised for fleeing death

Locked up, a prisoner between the lines
A slave in a free state
Sub-human shoulders bear the weight
Used by their captors, to win their race
Track Name: Guilty Thirty-Eight
Remember the days behind your desk?
You knew the answers but would only raise your hand after someone else

Life seems a lot like that,
Passing the ball to those in charge
Diffusing responsibility

We are taught that it all came to a head
With the guilty thirty-eight
But it gets ever deeper,
Ever more disturbing

It all came to a head with the guilty thirty-eight

How often have I witnessed wrong and stood idle?
Believing to intervene was not my place

It is disturbing when I, the witness,
Needs an alibi
Track Name: Cashed In/Sold Out
It used to be I could walk into this room,
A part of something; trusted, not duty-bound

But something changed
It became more than comfort or the mouths you feed

Big business was not the goal
Your passion turned to greed
Good intentions cashed in / sold out
All eyes on the bottom line.

But when it boils down to trust,
Just sign it all away
Burn everything that you loved on the dotted line
Do it now

It has become blatantly obvious
My love for this life will end at the bottom of this page.
Track Name: Dead Air
Lead us, man of many words
Your earthly wisdom is a shining beacon to us all

Tell us again how you would change everything for the better
Everything in black and white

How comforting it must be to know everything is black and white
Track Name: Already Lost
I can't believe I used to feel so strongly
about my right to be indignant over a self-inflicted curse

Our leaders are raised by our families
Taught in our schools and churches
This is the best that we can do

Yet of course we're outraged when nothing comes our way
Misrepresented, like we were lied to all along

We only have ourselves to blame
Caught up in the non-issues we create
Our best and brightest fall short again
The failed leaders of our fucking failed state

But where are we?

We're at the malls, at the office, at our universities,
Believing that we'll make a change
In our schools, at our churches
Vowing not to tread this path again

Living day by day, we do nothing
Day after day, still doing nothing
A false dichotomy
A cage fed unity
Given the choice, I'd choose none

May the best man win,
We've already lost.
Track Name: Red Note
I'll let you run me to the ground
wrap your hands around my throat, ring me out

I'll be your lap dog
For meagre fucking change
I can't afford to lose this
Out there there's nothing left

Punch in / punch out
Each week gets longer
Keeps drawing out

Blurring the lines between work and friendship
A personal extortion
A pledge to remain
Subservient to the red note

Punch in / punch out
Each week gets longer
Grinds me down

Life rushes by,
Pushing me aside
I could never hope to keep up
I could never keep up with it all

I've found my place in the world
Laying amongst the other dead dogs
Track Name: Violence
Let the record state: I'm for letting kids be kids
The sincere hit and miss, their passion excuses all

But I draw the line at this misogynist, chauvinist lack of human depth.

These idols no better than the ‘whores’ that they berate
Unable to express their rage without making threats

Let the record state: aesthetic counts for nothing
Nor misplaced anger,
Nor violence, for violence sake

These idols no better than the 'whores' that they berate.

But this is the climate in which we exist
Play it slow and loud kid, you'll make it big